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Our Agency represents the following companies exclusively in:         Germany  

COMTEX   TAIWAN    :         Fantasy tweed

DUKSUNG INCO KOREA:   functional fabrics, leather and fur imitation

FRATI MONTEMURLO      :  Sporty activwear and fleece

FTF  FRANKREICH    :      fashionable thermal prints

IFS     MÜNCHEN   :     High-fashioned Jacquards, also with stretch

LA TEKS      TÜRKEI   :    knittings + lace , Jacquard

   :    Fantasy knit inexpensive

SHINHWA     KOREA  :    Festive lace and knittings

Herr Hans Reithmayer
Email :  ifs@ifs-fashion.de
Tel.     :  +49-8177-9988320
Mobil  :  +49-172-8237621

Adresse :   
ifs fashion service GmbH
Am Schlichtfeld 4  
82541  Muensing

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